Pressure-changed Vacuum drying equipment for transformer


Transformer Vacuum Drying Principle

The purpose of transformer drying is to improve the service life of the transformer and the effect, but it is very important for the transformer drying process.

Vacuum drying technology is a new type of vapor phase drying technology that uses water vapor that needs to be removed by drying as a heat carrier. It makes full use of the heat of vaporization to improve the heating efficiency, and effectively utilizes the method of actively controlling the pressure change during the drying process, and correctly handles the relationship between heating and vacuuming. It completely breaks through the traditional concept, so it can use the simpler equipment to have the advantages of high efficiency in gas phase drying, energy saving, short drying period and uniform heating.

The transformer vacuum drying equipment adopts an automatic integrated control system such as heating and vacuum, which has high control precision, automatically detects moisture content during operation, and ensures drying effect.

The pressure-variable vacuum dryer has reasonable structural design, good safety performance, energy saving and no pollution. The equipment does not have any special requirements for the operating environment, and the equipment investment and operating costs are low, fully in line with modern industrial requirements.

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