Maintenance of Transformer Vacuum Oiling Filling Equipment


Maintenance and Inspection of Transformer Vacuum Oiling Filling Equipment

Maintenance of Transformer Vacuum Oiling Filling Equipment

1. During the drying process, the operator is required to regularly check the drying situation and make relevant records.

2. The vacuum gauge and thermometer should be checked regularly. Regularly check the rotation of each moving part is flexible enough. When problems are found, they should be stopped and repaired in time.

3. Cylindrical worm gearbox (or continuously variable gearbox) should be maintained in accordance with its instructions.

5. The filter in the tank, after drying once, removes the powder absorbed around to make the filter unblocked.

6. The chain of the chain drive should be refueled at least once a month.

7. A rotary bearing type seal ring (material: fluoro rubber) is used between the main unit vacuum tube and the main unit. When leaks are found, they should be replaced immediately.

Inspection of Transformer Vacuum Oiling Filling Equipment

1. After receiving the drying notification, start the vacuum pump, open the vacuum pump valve of the dryer, and close the vent valve to check whether the vacuum of the dryer meets the requirements.

2. Start the motor power of the dryer, rotate the speed governor button to slowly rotate the drum of the dryer, turn the manhole of the dryer feed drum to the top of the drying table, and stop the rotation.

3.Feeding method

3.1 Vacuum pumping

Connect the feed port of the dryer to the feed pipe and vacuum feed. After the wet material is pumped, remove the feed pipe and close the valve of the feed port.

3.2 Feed directly from the dryer manhole cover

Close the vacuum valve of the dryer drum, open the vent valve, and slowly open it when opening the empty valve. After placing the pressure in the drum at normal pressure, close the vent valve. Open the manhole cover and place the material to be dried in the drum. After feeding, cover the manhole cover and tighten the screws.

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