Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine

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Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine
  • 30 DAYS
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Transformer Vacuum Drying Machine with oiling filling tank, fully automatic touch screen computer control, used for vacuum drying transformer and other electric products.

Transformer Vacuum Drying Equipment

The main components of the equipment:

1. 1 set of vacuum drying and oiling tank system.

2. 1 set of open door mechanism and door frame.

3. 1 set of vacuum oil storage tank.

4. 5 sets of oil injection system.

5. 1 set of vacuum system.

6. 2 sets of heating system.

7. 1 set of pneumatic piping system.

8. 1 set of control system.

9. 1 set of cryogenic condensation system.

10. 1 set of cooling water system.

First Service commitment:

1. Provide all technical drawings and materials specified in the contract.

2. Send special person to the site to provide technical guidance, carry out installation, debugging and transportation of the equipment, and be responsible for the interface and technical cooperation with other connected devices. And provide technical guidance for a long time.

3. Training maintenance and operators for users.

4. After the user maintenance notice, we will make a definite reply to the user within 2 hours, if users cant resolve, assign personnel within 24-48 hours to reach fault scene, solve the problem.

5. The company will provide the technical conditions and materials to meet the requirements of the equipment interface for customers purchase of equipment related to the equipment.

6. Strictly implement the minutes or agreements signed by both parties on relevant issues.

7. Achieve advanced service, whole-process service and lifelong service in the service.

Second the Description of the warranty period:

1. The product warranty period shall be 12 months after the initial acceptance of the equipment and the initial acceptance of the equipment, as follows:

A. We shall be responsible for the quality problems arising from our cause during the warranty period. We are responsible for the repair, replacement or refund, and the actual cost of repair, replacement or return.

B. In case of equipment failure caused by the demanders man-made or natural disasters during the warranty period, we provide maintenance services only for cost.

C. When the warranty expires, we will provide the equipment for life, and the buyer shall only be responsible for the actual cost incurred by us.

2. Guarantee the goods provided to the user are brand new, unused, technology is advanced and mature, quality is good. Product uses the best material and workmanship, conform to the requirements of safe and reliable, run effectively and easy to maintain.

3. To ensure that the goods supplied to the demander do not have defects caused by design, material or workmanship.

4. Ensure that the goods supplied are in conformity with the requirements of the technical specification stipulated in the contract.

5. The main body of the equipment shall have a life span of not less than 10 years and satisfactory performance in its service life under the conditions of proper installation, normal use and maintenance.

6. Strictly inspect and control the incoming quality of raw materials, original devices and components.

7. Ensure the equipment processing technology is improved, and the detection means are perfect. The product is never defective.

8. As provided by the equipment manufacturing, transportation and loading process guarantees, in the event of an accident, the company will be in accordance with the requirements of the buyer supplied equipment as soon as possible for free replacement, repair, until customer satisfaction.

9. If missing parts and other parts are lost during the opening of the box, the company will make up the missing parts for free as soon as possible.

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