Vacuum Annealing Furnace For Iron Core

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Vacuum Annealing Furnace For Iron Core
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LG vacuum annealing furnace is widely used in power transformer industry silicon steel cores.

Vacuum Annealing Furnace For Iron Core:

1. LG series vacuum heat treatment furnace is generally composed of vacuum furnace, heating system, vacuum system, cooling system, air cooling system, air inflation system (optional), start system and electric control system. 

2. The body of the vacuum annealing furnace is double water cooling structure. The furnace shell is made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Boiler furnace is divided into graphite furnace and metal furnace. 

3. Heating element of graphite furnace is graphite rods. The heat insulation screen is multi-layer carbon felt. Heating element of metal furnace is molybdenum chromium-burnt metal material. The heat insulation screen is heat shield snail metal molybdenum stainless steel materials. 

4. Temperature control points are use of the Japanese island of intelligent temperature controller, the other is controlled by Japan’s Mitsubishi F x 2N series programmable controller. The main electrical components are Schneider brand, which are imported from German.

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