Temperature Controller For Transformer

  • Temperature Controller For Dry Type Transformer

    ​Temperature Controller For Dry Type Transformer using three Pt100 platinum thermal resistors embedded in the three-phase winding package of the dry power transformer to detect the temperature rise of the dry power transformer line package, and automatically control the start and stop of the cooling fan according to the temperature rise, and the over temperature alarm until the super High temperature tripping to ensure safe operation of dry power transformers. Due to the use of the most advanced German RISC single-chip computer combined with advanced IC storage and adjustment technology, designed according to JB/T7631 standard, the thermostat has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and strong anti-interference ability. At the same time, the thermostat also has a "black box" function, which can record the temperature of the three winding wire packs before the power failure and the working state of the machine.

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