PSA Law Vacuum Drying Equipment

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PSA Law Vacuum Drying Equipment
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The equipment can effectively solve the rust problem in the drying process by adjusting the change pressure drying process.

Main Technical Features of PSA Law Vacuum Drying Equipment:

1. With reasonable vacuum system design, there is enough condensate water in low temperature condenser to effectively avoid the pollution of water to vacuum pump during the drying process.

2. According to different body temperature in the heating process, multiple automatic pressure alternates are used to reduce the pressure periodically in the vacuum tank to a certain number, To create the most suitable conditions for the evaporation of water in the body insulation, the water evaporation process in the drying process is in a reasonable state.

3. The equipment can effectively solve the rust problem in the drying process by adjusting the variable pressure drying process.

4. The automation level of the equipment and the processing technology level of the products can reach the domestic advanced level, and the quality of the processed products can reach the level of the top grade in the industry.The oil filling process is carried out in full vacuum, and the product quality can be guaranteed by automatic quantitative filling after the drying of the product.

5. The equipment adopts the three-stage vacuum pump system, the empty tank limit vacuum is 50Pa, the tank leakage rate is ≤0.5mbar•l/s, ensuring the purity of the high vacuum environment.

6. The oil and gas separation trap is installed between vacuum unit and vacuum tank, and the insulation oil can be recovered by condensing, so as to avoid and reduce the pollution of vacuum system.

7. The square vacuum tank body and the tank door are made of frame-type flange, which can ensure that the flange is not deformed for a long time.The appropriate amount of oil injection branch pipe is entered into the tank through flanges, and each set of branches can be connected through appropriate pipes and products to facilitate qualified insulating oil to enter the product.

8. All injection pipes and fittings are made of 304 stainless steel.

9. In all the branches, the flow meter is configured to preset the total amount of oil filling in each branch. When the oil filling amount is reached, the inlet valve is closed.At the same time, a set of glass rotor flowmeter is configured for each branch to control the flow rate of each branch, so that the oil injection speed can be controlled.

10. The high-end control system adopts PLC as the main control unit and operating system, which can realize automatic control of vacuum and oil injection during the process.Overtemperature alarm prompt, automatic protection and alarm prompt.

11. The equipment is single door open, vacuum and oil filling capacity. It can hold the maximum weight of 10000Kg at a time. In vacuum state, it can realize the automatic quantitative or manual filling of oil valve only.

12. The operation of this equipment is controlled by the buttons on the control panel, including door switch, vacuum, manual/automatic oil filling, etc., all the safety protection devices are complete.

The main components of the equipment:

1. 1 set of vacuum drying and oiling tank system.

2. 1 set of open door mechanism and door frame.

3. 1 set of vacuum oil storage tank.

4. 5 sets of oil injection system.

5. 1 set of vacuum system.

6. 2 sets of heating system.

7. 1 set of pneumatic piping system.

8. 1 set of control system.

9. 1 set of cryogenic condensation system.

10. 1 set of cooling water system.

Companys main products are:

1.vacuum equipment for electrical industry:
a. variable-pressure method vacuum drying equipment
b. transformer vacuum oiling equipment
c. vacuum hot air circulation drying equipment
d. dry-type transformers vacuum casting equipment and a variety of dry-type transformers mold
e. transformer. reactor vacuum casting equipment
f. vacuum pressure impregnation equipment
g. amorphous alloy transformer vacuum oiling equipment.
h. all kinds of curing oven
i. mobile vacuum exhaust device.
j. all kinds of foil winding machine and winding machine.
k. silicon steel sheet cutting, slitting line.

Our service approach is turnkey project ,including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, trial production and personnel training. All staff of the company welcome customers from home and abroad to visit and guide at any time.

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